Forming the Rhetorical Competence of Future Teachers


  • Halyna Kuznetsova, Olena Korchova, Tetiana Zenchenko, Olena Chaika, Nataliia Hrychanyk


The content of the author’s academic discipline «Rhetoric» is evaluated and the results of experimental testing the effectiveness of its implementation in the process of professional training of future teachers are revealed in this study. The ascertaining in the experimental and control groups, based on the defining the future specialists’ level of the personal-activity component of the rhetorical competence mastering is described in the paper. The predominance of the average and low percentage necessitated the enrooting of a special course «Rhetoric» into the training and professional programmes of degree seeking applicants’ experimental group. The obtained results showed natural differences between the indicators of the respondents in the experimental and control groups. Applicants, covered by experimental and research training, became more motivated to the rhetorical activity in the educational and professional communication; the system of humanistic values has reached a higher level; the level of speech and rhetorical knowledge itself has increased; the ability to eloquent text creation observing moral and ethical norms of communication was formed. We can state that educational content of the special training course «Rhetoric» is effective in the process of forming the rhetorical competence of future professionals in the educational field.