Students’ Opinions about Instructional Competence of Novice Teachers and Experienced Teachers


  • Ammara Nasim Sahi, Dr. Sadaf Zamir Ahmed, Dr. Sohaib Sultan, Saba Zamir Zamir Ahmed, Shehr Bano Kaka


The purpose of this study was to find out what students thought about novice and experienced teachers' instructional competency and classroom environment.  The sample for this study was made up of 50 students from the University of Sindh's B.A. class and 50 students from Fatima Jinnah University's B.Ed. class. Some of the sample students were taught by inexperienced and experienced teachers.

The researchers created a semi-structured interview using semi-structured items. According to the findings, the pupils thought the novice teachers were supportive and that their lessons were satisfactory. Experienced teachers’ class was regarded to be more conducive in various ways such as class room control and students’ pleasant attitudes.