Challenges Facing the Preparatory Stage Physics Teachers, and their Relation with the Motivation, and the Attitude Towards Teaching Physics


  • Dr. Hardan Ahmed Hardan, Noor NaimAjil


Educational problems, physics teachers, motivation and tendency


The Research aims at ((determining the educational problems facing preparatory stage physics teachers, its relation with the motivation, and the attitude towards teaching physics subject)). Through answering the following questions:

  • Identifying the educational problems facing the preparatory stage physics teachers.
  • Identifying the motivation of the preparatory stage physics teachers in to teach physics.
  • Identifying the attitude of the preparatory stage physics teachers towards physics teaching.

The researcher used the descriptive approach, in which the research community of all male and female physics teachers of the preparatory stage was composed of the educational departments in Al Shatrah, Al Nasr WaSlaam and Qalat Sukkarof the general directorate of Education in Dhi Qar Governorate which have (90) male and female teachers of the educational year (2018-2017), and a sample of (60) male and female teachers were randomly selected from the above mentioned departments equally .

The researchers designed the three research tools to measure (the educational problems, the motivation, and the tendency) then applying these measures after being presented to experts and specialists of education, psychology, measure, and teaching methods, the researcher processed the research statistics data by utilizing the statistical methods of using the  Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version No. (21).

The results showed that the educational problems in the preparatory stage , after obtaining the weighted average and the percentage weights of, that the planning problems are the most common problems that physics teachers suffer from, in the preparatory stage , in which the weighted average reached (2,67) and the weighted percent was (0,53), nevertheless, we found that the measures of the teacher’s motivation were (112,89) and that is higher than the theoretical mean which reached (96) degrees, on the other hand the percentage of the teacher’s attitude reached (93,47) and the theoretical mean reached (84) degrees.


The researchers recommended a number of recommendations, the most important of them were:

  • Reviewing the school’s reality generally and the preparatory schools specially, addressing the educational problems and promoting them.

The researchers suggested some researches and studies, the most important was as follows:

  • Administrative and organizational problems in the preparatory stage, and their relation with the students’ admission in the medical faculties.