Designing a Business Model for Small and Medium Enterprises (Smes) (Food Industry)


  • Farzaneh Rajabi, Esmaeil Nasiri


Business Model - Small and Medium Enterprises - Business Model Framework - Business Model Components


The research literature on business process research or business process orientation (BPO) in the organization is presented. Each of the thinkers in this field has mentioned one of the models of main methods. Still, so far, a comprehensive model of methods and process-oriented indicators and the relationship between them has not been presented. The identification approach and in the next step, using a new analytical methodology under  Dematel the influence of the relationship between and the indicators of the central processes are designed and analyzed in one piece. Demonstrates that the integrated model of social processes incorporates the components of the business model and evaluates it, using technology, tools for rapid response and futurism, and performance for quick response and indicators of sustainable development, at the component level and creating advantage. Competitive and industry knowledge and theory is the company's current position, which is a feature with a combination of them