“Development and Validation of Learning Modules in Automotive Technology”


  • Rogelio N. Tandayu, Lpt, Maie


The research study aimed to develop and validate learning modules in Automotive Technology.

During the process of development, the learning modules were given to a group of Automotive Technology  teachers. The learning modules were generally rated “Strongly Agree” with the overall weighted mean.A pre-test/post-test experimental research design was used to determine the effect of the module in the students’ performance. There were two groups of respondents: the control group and the experimental group. The control group was used the lecture method and the experimental group was used the developed learning modules.

As a result of students’ performance on test conducted, the students who utilized  modules were superior and more consistent over those who underwent traditional chalk-and-talk style.

Hence, the use of modular instruction should be motivated with a noble purpose, stirred by the needs of the students and one that encourages independent and lifelong learning among the prospective students.