Towards Continuous Quality Improvement: Assessment of the BEED Student Program Outcomes Through Exit Strategy


  • Dr. Genalyn L. Capelo, Dr. Donabel A. Dumelod


Quality assurance should look at institutional performance in terms of the capacity of the HEIs to translate the VMG into quality programs and quality results, hence the need to formulate the program educational objectives and identify the program outcomes which have to be measured, to confirm if they are realized  andif there are key areas for improvement. This is to continuously ensure the quality of higher education.The exit strategy, an effective mechanism used to measure student outcomes, shows that theBEEd Program Outcomes of the College of Education are achieved. The exit survey conducted with the Pre-service Teachers confirms that they have attained all the program outcomes targeted. Furthermore, the interviews with the cooperating teachers affirm that the PST’s have developed the competencies of an effective future teacher.