Performance of Pharmaceutical Industries during Post and Pre COVID (With Special Reference to Stock Market)


  • Dipanweeta Mandal, Dr. K. Abinaya, Dr. U. Jerinabi


The Indian pharmaceutical industry is extremely fragmented, with over 20,000 devices registered. It increased significantly over the rest of the decades. India's pharmaceutical and chemical industry is a truly fragmented market due to excessive opposition from authorities and control of fees. India's pharmaceutical industry meets the country's demand for bulk pharmaceuticals, intermediates, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, tablets, oral and injectables. There are about two hundred and fifty large devices and about eight thousand small devices that make up the heart of India's pharmaceutical industry (eg 5 large devices for public use). The global pharmaceutical market is expected to more than double to reach $1.3 billion in the future. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is growing significantly every year. Therefore, investigation the profitability function of a company was done using the mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, multiple regression analysis, and variance analysis. Increasing profitability  no longer creates effective returns, and additional productivity improves overall economic efficiency in future [1].Here an attempt has been made to analyze the financial and equity performance of selected Pharma and Healthcare companies with reference to stock market by using various statistical techniques.