A Comparative Analysis of Teaching, Learning & Research Practices of International vs Indian Universities experiences: A Way Forward


  • Roja Reddy Meka, Dr. M. M. Bagali


Competitive Advantage, Global competitiveness in education Higher Education, Indian Universities, Research, Teaching.


Effective teaching, learning, and research practises make a significant contribution to higher education institutions' ability to excel and compete on a global scale.Since 2013, when researchers became aware of the Times Higher Education-World University Rankings list, the most pressing research questions have taken root in their minds. It was somewhat distressing to see that there was not even a single Indian institution/university included among the world's best 225 universities at the time (2012–13). Alarmingly, with a progressive decline in position over the years, the top Indian institution's ranking has fallen to 314 in the world ranking list as of 2021. This leads to the present study to inquire as to why Indian universities are not globally competitive. What teaching, learning, and research practises or strategies should Indian higher education institutes pursue in order to be globally competitive?