A Reflection on Personal Identity Crisis Through Ivf Technique in the Context of Medical Ethics


  • Sabana Yesmin


Identity, Fetus, Embryos, IVF, Surrogacy, Narrative identity, Immoral


Personal identity deal with the question of Who am i? The issues of personal identity concern a number closely related issues particularly persistence, change, time, sameness. In western philosophy since Platos days, all are tried to solve the problem of personal identity. The concept of person is central and important in both theoretical and practical philosophy. In theoretical philosophy it is above all different theories on personal identity was formulated, But when we discuss in practical way we somehow discuss only the properties and capacity which became them as person. There are various aspect of the concept of person within the biomedical ethics. There are several way in which personal identity is taken to be relevant to the debate over the topic of biomedical ethics. So this paper will bring how the issues related with identity crisis in real life in the context of biomedical ethics. Todays world is the world of technology. But the technology use in bio medical how go beyond ethics and how its create identity issues will be discuss here. The different conception of person by overtime will be readdressed in the light of biomedical ethics like  beginning of life, the question of human dignity, fetus identity, also establish the identity of embryo which denied by many people, how IVF method creating complexity toward identity how its related with biomedical ethics. This paper also explore through  IVF technology how both surrogate mother and child having identity crisis in biomedical ethics