A Discoursed Analysis of Regret in Perumal Murugan’s A Lonely Harvest


  • Ms. Jofilda.C, Dr. U. Kethrapal


Regret, Grief, Counterfactual thoughts, Norm Theory


Regret is a feeling caused by the unexpected turn of events due to the choices made by the individual. It is evoked when the present reality provides and creates the unexpected or unfulfilled that pulls a person out of his comfort zone. It could also be a result of accidently hurting someone’s feelings. Regret also is a result of a failure to achieve our goals or desires. The arrival of regret is also due to the failure in reaching the expected goals and desires. Norm theory is applied in the present study to understand the complexity of grief and its cause-effect pair, which is the alternatives to the effect of the incident that causes grief, and it explains its complexity from single visual display of some emotions to social interactions. A Lonely Harvest encompasses emotions such as grief, shame, longing and guilt, that exposes the hidden reality. The female protagonist Ponna, and her psyche, is understood on the basis of Norm theory, and the understanding of regret creates counterfactual thoughts that brings the remorseful way of life.