Attributes of the Concept of Social Value and Major Issues Related to It


  • Young-Chool Choi


The purpose of this study is to render the concept of social value material and to provide scholars with the information necessary toadjudge it. Today, the concept of social value is often drawn upon in practical policymaking, but is difficult to implement in policy terms because it is vague and abstract. Recognising this problem, this study has tried to derive the core issues relating to social values ​​by analysing the results of research by the many scholars who have studied the subject. As a result, five important issues emerged and were analysed as topics.

These five topics are sustainability, importance of a healthy life, grafting with entrepreneurship, grafting with a community, and connection with policies and practices. They serve to emphasise that social values must be sustainable and, above all, linked in order to ensure healthy lives for citizens.In addition, they emphasise the fact that solidarity and co-operation with the local community are important in pursuing social values, and that efforts to pursue these values should be implemented at the level of policies and practice. In other words, the meaning of ‘social value’ can be realised only when such values are achieved through practice rather than merey at the theoretical level.