Consequences of Workplace Envy and It’s Antecedents – A Theoretical Framework


  • Dr. Bhumika Achhnani, Dr. Bindiya Gupta


The emotions felt by an individual at the workplace play a significant role in the performance output of an employee and the organisation at large. The academic world has been trying to understand the impacts of various such emotions on the productivity of employees but most of the studies have focused on positive emotions like engagement, commitment etc. Envy at workplace is one of the negative emotions felt by the employees which has a significant impact on employee’s performance and overall behaviour as well. The current study is an attempt to understand what induces envy among employees at workplace, the role played by the leaders and organisational climate and the various positive and negative consequences of envy at workplace.

The researchers have proposed a theoretical framework for understanding the construct of workplace envy - its antecedents, moderators, and consequences.