Entrepreneurship and Ethics – Perspective of Gen Z


  • Prof. Maaz Saiyed, Dr. Nidhi Srivastava, Dr. Bindiya Gupta


It has been explored by several researchers that the pattern of development of entrepreneurship among different generation depends upon several aspects of economy.It is also highlighted that generation Z has no desire to be controlled by any other person or boss. By being an entrepreneur, generation Z can actually contribute to the cause they believe in and also be a significant factor of the global economy. This generation openly demonstrates their concern for ethics of certain practices within the tech world. Their experience with the pandemic, natural response to the lock downs, quarantine and school/business closure, high unemployment rate has developed a collective consciousness for generation Z and molded their world view towards ethics and entrepreneurship.The paper attempts to study the relationship between the entrepreneurial intent of generation Z with reference to their characteristics and the role played by ethical values in current scenario.