The Relationship Between Industrialization, Modernization and Knowledge Economic Development in Vietnam


  • Dr. Luu Mai Hoa


The problem of knowledge economy has only appeared in recent decades, but it is a topic of increasing interest to many scientists in the world as well as in the country. Although from different perspectives, researchers all affirm that knowledge is an economic force that creates growth and change. In the course of the research, the author also found that the world economies have switched from using muscle labor to using brains. This shift has made the economies the fastest growing. Today, with the strong development of the fourth industrial revolution, the world's economies are closer together.

Vietnam is a developing country and always focuses on the relationship between industrialization and modernization and knowledge economic development. That focus has initially yielded encouraging results. In this article, the author will highlight the role and the importance of the knowledge economy in Vietnam in relation to the process of industrialization and modernization.