Mahatma Gandhi’s View on Education


  • Rinku Deka


Education is regarded to be the backbone of the society. Present education system has become more bookish and only job-oriented due to which there is no all round development in a child. They are unable to become independent and suffer in the long run. Mahatma Gandhi, a well-known figure of the world, gained much knowledge from his experiences during his life at South Africa. These experiences gave a shape to his educational views. Mahatma Gandhi, who always worked for the betterment of the people introduced a system of basic education to overcome the socio-economic imbalances. He was a firm believer of equality of all. His had a vision of a society which is free of any injustice and exploitation and for this education is very necessary for everyone at an early stage. His views were the turning point of the education system of India. He believed that education at an early age is the way of eradicating all evils that was prevailing in the society. This paper is an attempt to show his views regarding education and why his views is acceptable.