Pakistan-Afghan Relations: A Critical Assessment


  • Sundas Malik, Ambreen Naz, Farhat Asghar, Abdul Haq, Hani Fatima, Zain Ul Abiden Malik


Pakistan, Afghanistan, US, Economic, Taliban Government, Refugees, Terrorism


In terms of geography, race, faith, religion, tradition, and culture, Pakistan and Afghanistan are neighbors. Despite their shared interests, Pakistan and Afghanistan have never had particularly warm relations. The Durand Line issue, refugees, cross-border terrorism, and Indo-Afghan relationships are all examples of areas where Pak-Afghan relations disagree. The Afghan government, on the other hand, undertook a media war against Pakistan with the backing of the Soviet Union and India in order to strengthen anti-Pakistan groups in the nation. Pakistani-Afghan relations evolved dramatically after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, and the country declared war on Taliban-controlled Afghanistan for harboring terrorists. Pakistan, on the other hand, remained hopeful that Pak-Afghan relations would improve. For example, Pakistan's political leadership's efforts to reconcile led to the establishment of diplomatic relations with Afghanistan and the promotion of bilateral trade. Because Afghanistan is a landlocked country, it recognizes Pakistan's importance in its economic development.