Metaphysical connotations in modern Assyrian cylinder seals


  • Ali Aziz Nasser Hussein, Ali Shanawa Wadi


denotation, symbol, metaphysics, cylinder seal


The tagged research dealt with (the metaphysical signs in the modern Assyrian cylinder seals), by studying the metaphysical signs in the cylinder seals of the modern Assyrian era. Metaphysical Signs in Modern Assyrian Cylindrical Seals.” Then the researchers finished the aforementioned chapter by defining the terms that have a direct relationship to the title of the research and its objectives. ) By reviewing the symbolic connotations as a concept in ancient metaphysical thought, while the second topic was concerned with (the aesthetics of the art of cylinder seals in the Mesopotamian civilization). This topic included the modern Assyrian arts and the impact of metaphysical symbolic connotations in the arts of that era. As for the third chapter, it was concerned with monitoring the research community. By adopting the descriptive analytical approach for the purpose of analyzing it according to the indicators adopted by the researchers, and samples of it were chosen in an intentional way. It reached (2) cylinder seals that covered the limits of the research. As for the fourth chapter, it contained the results of the research