The Importance of Sign Language Course to Bachelor of Special Education Students: The Experts’ Perspective.


  • Syar Meeze Mohd. Rashid, Mohd. Hanafi Mohd. Yasin, Noraidah Sahari Ashaari, Khairul Azhar Jamaludin, Harwati Hashim


Poor awareness on the importance of sign language has affected the performance of special education teachers. Awareness is developed through developing knowledge and understanding on theimportance of sign language to these future teachers. In ensuring the future special education teachers have awareness and striving to master the sign language, it is important to instil the knowledge and understanding on the importance of sign language mastery among them.Thus,  this study is aimed at identifying the importance of sign language courses for the Bachelor of Special Education students. For that purpose, this studyemployed a semi-structured interview with three sign language experts. The findings showed that there are three paradigms related to the importance of sign language learning. First and foremost, the language prepares students to teach special education students in schools. Besides, sign language is a new language for students. Last but not least, learning sign language can create awareness among students in helping the hearing-impaired individuals. Therefore, this study shows the use of sign language enhances students' interest and motivation to become a versatile and qualified special education teacher.