Benefits of the Case Study Method for Teaching Students with Business and Economics Majors in Universities and Colleges


  • Minwir M. Al-Shammari, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy, Le Huong Hoa


case study method; teaching quality improvement; universities and colleges


The case method in teaching business and economics students at universities and colleges is becoming among hot academic concerns. Several innovative teaching methods have been discussed, and among them, the case study method has been used and applied effectively in classrooms. The paper used qualitative analysis with analytical, explanatory, and inductive approaches. This study will analyze the benefits and conditions of applying two modeling case study methods in teaching. The case study method can transfer global values from global cases to local firms. Case study methods have other merits such as Attractiveness, Up to date calculation, Typical and representative, Suitable for learning based on a full background knowledge system sound for learners to understand and remember theoretical knowledge. Finally, the paper discusses some educational issues for schools, such as positive teaching methods.