A Review of Conceptual and Empirical Literature: Leader Behaviours in the Context of Digital Leadership


  • Amit Mehan Meenakshi Chauhan


Digital Transformations, Digital leader behaviors, Leadership, Behavioral Theory, Traits


The present review aims to study conceptual and empirical literature on the concept of leader behaviors to identify its current state, supporting arguments, and area of application. The main consideration is given to the importance of leadership in the success of digital behaviors in successful digital transformations. A growing body of research perceives Digital Leadership as a combination of leadership approaches that can facilitate the success of digital transformations. The practice of effective leader behaviors can facilitate successful digital transformations in the post-COVID era of accelerated digitization. 

 Despite the high relevance of digital leadership (DL) in the extant literature, its definition and determinants remain focused on the technical, project & business facets. Based on a structured literature review grounded in shortlisted 60 publications, the study endeavors to investigate the importance of behaviors in the practice of digital leadership.

The observation and evaluation of a leader's actions and behaviors when they are responding to a specific situation is prominent in behavioral leadership theories. This idea that leaders can be developed is conducive for contemporary research in digital leadership development. Being based on development potential- this approach can be suitably adapted to study the leadership behaviors best suited for the leaders in the post-pandemic work reality