Enabling and Disabling Technologies in Higher Education: A meta-Analysis of Impacts and Challenges of Limitations


  • Abdul Malik, Dr ammna Saeed, Dr. Tanveer Kouser, Dr. Mumtaz Akhter, Muhammad Alamgir


Enabling, disabling, higher education, challenges, and technologies.


The higher education system now has information and communication technology as a major and imperative part of it and has influenced various facets of life to get transformed in a better way. Through these modifications, the higher educational institutions, teachers, and administration systems have broadened their audit for their capacities in future learning and teaching system. Through the introduction of new challenges, Enabling / Disabling Technologies on Higher Education have played a major role to enhance the preeminence of higher education. This review is aimed to discuss and explore the advantages of Enabling / Disabling Technologies in Higher Education in the field of higher education for the improvement and enhancement of learning and teaching strategies. In this regard, certain impacts, benefits, and perspectives related to Enabling / Disabling Technologies on Higher Education are highlighted along with the challenges and limitations it offers to the educational system.