Problems of teaching English language for undergraduate students in Arabic program of sociology: A case study Sudanese universities


  • Osman Sirajeldeen Ahmed, Hiba Ahmed Balal


sociology program, TEFL, ESOL, ELT, Sudan, Khartoum state.


The main objective of this study is to identify the problems of teaching English in Arabic academic program of sociology and suggest possible solutions, to evaluate teacher’s competence in English language. According to the limitation of this study, one problem is going to be investigated widely, that is problem of staffing, concerning teacher’s qualifications and education.

The data will be collected randomly .It includes   sociology staff member in  Sudanese universities  Who have been teaching English for a few years, it refer to those who were graduated from faculties other than faculties of education, or English language is not their major subject. It is believed that those who graduated two or three years ago can provide best and up- to –date information for this study. The main tools of the data collection will be a questionnaire. The subject of this questionnaire is (50)   sociology staff member teachers from universities in Khartoum state.

The data collection will be analyzed statistically to produce percentage of result tables. A commentary of the results of every question will be provided at the bottom of each table. An overall picture of the status of the problems will then be revealed and evaluated. The collected data showed that the teachers come from different universities, they also come from different faculties, unfortunately only seven out of(30)14% come from faculties of education,  out of the 30 graduates from the faculties of arts only (5) are majority in English, and the rest of (78) graduated from other faculties. Researcher suggested that further researches can be conducted on other problems of teaching English in Sudan.