Implementing Cross-Curricular pedagogy through 5E Instructional Model in Science


  • Dr. Manisha


Constructivism, 5 E Instructional Model, Cross-Curricular Pedagogy, Science Pedagogy


First education policy of the twenty first century i.e., National Education Policy, 2020 expressed its interest in the implementation of innovative pedagogies for achieving clear understanding of concepts and moving the education system away from the culture of rote memorization. The policy stresses the implementation of one such innovative pedagogy that is cross-curricular pedagogy which provides avenues to the students to think beyond the box. It is a creative way to mediate learning through cross-curricular instructions which assist student in developing cognitive, affective and psychomotor capacities. Present research work has been carried out as an attempt in the recommended direction to systematically flourish conceptual understanding of the pedagogy, science pedagogy and cross curricular pedagogy. It provides a detailed plan of Cross-Curricular Instructions in science based on 5E instructional Model.  It is concluded with a critical analysis of opportunities and obstacles in implementing cross-curricular pedagogy.