Spectrum of valvular lesions associated with rheumatic heart disease by echocardiography and genetic interpretation- A Review


  • Dr. Shiva Priya NR, Dr. Senthil Kumar B , Dr. C. Krishna Kumar , Dr Yuvaraj. M , Dr Balaji. K


Revised Jones Criteria, Pathogenesis, Carpentier’s Classification, Epidemology, Genetic susceptibility and its immune reaction, Diagnosis criteria.


Rheumatic Heart Disease,is a major non-communicable disease in developing countries, causing most of cardiovascular mortality and morbidity. Rheumatic fever is forewarning of rheumatic heart disease, affecting heart valves causing irreversible damage and heart failure. To Evaluate frequency of valvular dysfunction and lesions in individuals with RHD done by echocardiography. Severity of valvular dysfunction will be identified by individuals age and sex with RHD. This study will be conducted in patients diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease based on echocardiography examination, detailed trans-thoracic 2 dimensional and Doppler with moderate to mild conditions and genetic study will also carried out by collecting samples from the patients to find out the gene mutation Outcome and Scope: Helpful for clinical profile, risk factors, compliance, and outcome along with finding primary/secondary prophylaxis.