Prospects and Role of Liberal Arts Education in Transforming Academic Scenario: A Survey Base Investigation


  • Wang Chunzi


liberal arts, liberal education China, Chinese liberal education


Restoration of interests in liberal craftsmanship schooling during the center 1990s in the nation of China has shown that the public authority, just as the colleges, have begun understanding that the present-day educational programs, alongside a tight spotlight on proficient preparing, are not adequate for empowering the understudies to satisfy the difficulties and requirements of today. Aesthetic sciences, that they learn leads to more extensive general information, however even to the imaginative reasoning and basic abilities. The reappearance of human sciences training has occurred because of an incredible need to teach well-round residents. Human sciences instruction would have a political, financial, social, and social effect on the contemporary Chinese populace. The investigation of human sciences instruction inside current China is important and convenient for a considerable length of time. Firstly, the results of the Research have helped serve as the policy reference for Chinese universities and government to evaluate the efficiency of the current policies towards liberal arts, especially while they consider the international distress and their responsibility for educating every citizen. Therefore, studies have been done to enable the university administrators’ policymakers and the faculty members to reflect on educational problems, which might help enlighten their thinking regarding the future strategic decisions for institutional curricula reforms and for stimulating them to further the curriculum of liberal arts. Sample of 208 people from academic sector of China were surveyed to know the factors that determines the Prospects and role of liberal arts education in transforming academic scenario. The study concludes that High-quality workforce, Better-quality education, Satisfied and Social, and Sustainability are the factors that determine the Prospects and role of liberal arts education in transforming academic scenario in China.