The signs of public space in tiara gatzu: A study of linguistic landscape


  • Ni Ketut Veri Kusumaningrum, Mauli Denil, Lery Prasetyo, Putu Ari Suprapta Pratama, Risman Iye


Sign, public space, Linguistic Landscape, Tiara Gatzu


Linguistic landscape is the study of sign at public space. The purpose of this study was to analyze the form of signs and the function of that signs at public spaces at the Tiara Gatzu shopping center. This study used qualitative research methods. The data collection technique was carried out by taking several photos in public spaces with cellphone cameras that were monolingual, bilingual or multilingual. The data were taken from the information board in Tiara Gatzu shopping center Bali. There are 12 data analyzed in this study. There are 11 data of information function and 1 data of symbolic function. Data analysis technique is done by classifying external signs into monolingual and bilingual. From the results of this study, it was found that the most dominant multilingual sign used in Tiara Gatzu. Meanwhile, the function of the sign in the Tiara Gatzu is as an information board and also as a symbolic function. This is due to the large number of foreign tourists who come to shop at Tiara Gatzu, therefore the form of a sign with a multilingual model in Indonesian and English is used to make it easier to provide an explanation of something that is in Tiara Gatzu.