Friend or a Foe? – Unveiling and Managing Frenemies at Workplace


  • Dr. Sofia Jasmeen


Frenemies, Ambivalence relations, Managing Frenemies


Human beings are social creatures. The fact that we spend almost one third part of our life at work place, strongly necessitates having respectable and harmonious relations at the work place. If the colleagues and the co-workers are amicable and affable, then the job becomes more enjoyable. The person feels motivated and is surrounded by positives vibes. The performance would definitely be beyond the targets.

But, the bitter truth is that workplace relationships are complex. Understanding the workplace dynamics is a job itself. There is cut throat competition for survival among colleagues. Friends at work who are trusted confidantes, who cooperates with you, are your closest competitors. Co-workers who play a double role of encouraging you, may also disparage you in front of others. Such friends are actually your enemies masquerading as friends. You might call these people “frenemies”. The present research is empirical in nature. The focuses is on Frenemies as a significant concept of work place relationships and aims to bring to light the types of frenemies and tactics to identify and manage them