Reimplantation of a Mandibular Molar with Surgical File Retrival-A Case Report


  • Dr. Deepak Kurup, Dr. Deepyanti Dubey, Dr. Surekha Puri Bhatt, Dr. Shree Devi Bhoi, Dr. Srishti, Dr. Kumar Abhishek


Tooth auto transplantation is defined as the transplantation of unerupted or erupted teeth in the same individual, from one site to another, into extraction sites or surgically prepared sockets. Hereby we describe a case report of a 20 year old male patientwho  reported with a chief complaint of pain in lower left right back tooth region since 2 weeks.On clinical examination tooth was tender on percussion. Radiographic examination revealed file separation in the apical third of the mesio lingual root. Tooth was extracted and after stored in normal saline. Preoperative radiograph of the extracted tooth with file separation was taken. An extra oral Retrieval of the fractured segment was performed.

Gutta percha was retrieved from the mesiolingual root, new working length was taken, chemo mechanical preparation was done till f2 with copious irrigation of the canal. The mesio lingual root was dried with paper points and obturation and core build up was done extra orally.Tooth was reimplanted after curettage of the granulation tissue and splinting was done.Patient was recalled after 21days.