An Empirical Study and Psycho-Social Problems Faced by Persons with Disability in Present Scenario.


  • Gauri Hazarika


Disability, physical challenge, psychosocial issues, differently disabled individuals, and support


Disability has been viewed as a curse or a punishment throughout history. With the advancement of science and social change, disability has been viewed as a societal problem rather than an individual problem, and solutions have shifted to removing barriers to social change rather than just medical care. Disabled people face discrimination; they tend to isolate themselves from society because they feel unwanted and rejected. It has an impact on the psychosocial well-being of people with disabilities. The human person is a complex entity made up of two distinct phenomena, the physique and the psyche, which are commonly referred to as body and mind [1]. It is both common knowledge and scientific theory that a person's physical condition, as well as his social and physical environment, influences his mental life and emotional reactions [2]. The purpose of this research paper is to present the Psychosocial problems that a person with a disability faces. And the goals are to investigate the profile of the physically disabled as well as the psychosocial problems of the disabled. This is a descriptive study in which data is gathered from both primary and secondary sources. A total of 25 people were chosen for the study, and an interview schedule was used to collect data.