Development of Professional - Pedagogical Culture of Students of Higher Educational Organizations


  • Dr. Shoista A. Sadikova, Gulchekhra S. Shirbacheva, Sabina Kh. Holturaeva, Gavkhar A. Kamalova, Zilola Z. Yakubova


professional and pedagogical culture, national and universal values, preschool educational organization, advanced pedagogical experience, higher educational organization


Intensive renewal, modernization of the components of the educational process at all levels of the education system in recent decades has objectively raised the level of professional requirements for pedagogical and managerial employees of preschool educational organizations. In this regard, this article reveals the need to improve the professional and pedagogical culture of students of higher educational institutions, which is due to the increasing requirements for the level of general cultural and special training of university graduates as future specialists in the field of preschool education, the change in general educational paradigms, the preparation of future specialists for professional competent entry into the labor market.