Synoptic analysis of the effect of water vapor pressure on some condensation phenomena in Iraq


  • Saddam Razzaq Abbood, Malik Nasser Abbood Al- Kinani


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The study aims to identify the impact of water vapor pressure on the formation of various condensation manifestations in Iraq, and accordingly the daily rates of water vapor pressure causing condensation manifestations for the duration of (2009-2019) have been studied and analysed.

The atmospheric condensation of water vapor has been found to be subject to precise physical processes associated with air reaching the level of the grill and the low air temperature to the dew point so that water vapor can be converted into very small liquid droplets; condensation occurs when the actual water vapor pressure is equal to the pressure of saturated water vapor.

It has also been found that the different manifestations of condensation in Iraq are due to the varying values of saturated water vapor pressure; Various condensation manifestations such as the amount of clouds and their relationship to water vapor pressure values and dew point have been studied; high clouding ratios have been found to occur when water vapour pressure values decrease with a decrease in dew point. This applies to other condensation manifestations; they varied with the contrast of saturated water vapor pressure