Imbalance of Environmental Conditions in Khorezm Oasis of Uzbekistan as a Factor of Change in the Number of Rodents


  • Professor Svetlana M. Mambetullaeva, Dr. Gulshirin N. Utemuratova


Aral Sea region, Khorezm oasis, mesophilic species, rodents, ecosystem, abundance dynamics, hydro mode


The article discusses the study of the dynamics of the population size of mesophilic species of rodents in the conditions of South Aral Sea region. When determining the dynamics of the population size, only the main parameters are taken into account, and the effect on the result of most of the many interacting system components is not taken into account. A correlation analysis of the long-term dynamics of the number of mesophilic species of rodents should be carried out taking into account the temporal dynamics of correlation due to adaptation processes that decrease the numerical value of the correlation coefficient over time