Enhancing Teaching English Verbs Using Rap (ETEVUR)


  • Janelyn I. Agbayani


rap /hiphop music, English verbs, grammar, enhanced teaching


Teachers, educators, and facilitators of learning, on the other hand, may be able to constantly update their technique, which is defined by originality and innovation, as a result of technology improvement and rapid access to information and communications. There is an urgent need for this research since it is believed to have the potential to improve the teaching of grammar courses by mainstreaming pedagogy through the use of rap or hiphop music. The quasi-experimental method is being used to investigate the effect of rap videoclips and rap as a medium in the teaching of verb tense in the students who are taking part in the study. Following the findings of this study, it was shown that using rap in grammar lessons makes it easier to teach, as well as more effective at increasing understanding, of the past and past participle forms of strong or irregular verbs. According to the subjects, rap eliminates emotional filters or tension, and that the capacity to be creative and free in creating their rap pieces to the beat and trend of the millenials substantively boosts their learning and learning experience is essential. The students were ecstatic and satisfied with their achievements when they discovered how to use rap to teach verbs in particular, as well as grammar in general.