Exploring the Correlation between Tourism Infrastructure and Socio-Economic Well-Being of Inhabitants of Southern Cross River State, Nigeria


  • Dr. Stephen Odey, Festus Nkpoyen, Beauty Usoroh Kenneth


Tourism infrastructure is correlated with socioeconomic wellbeing of inhabitants of Southern CrossRiver State of Nigeria. Tourism infrastructure components of transport (roads, airports, seaports, and railways), social (hospitality industry, convention centers, stadia, galleries) and environmental (national parks, marine parks, museum and other reserves) have significantly impacted on the socio- economic wellbeing of people. The endogenous development model constituted the theoretical framework; both quantitative and qualitative approaches of survey design were adopted. The study obtained data from four hundred participants while descriptive and Pearson Product Moment Correlation statistical tools were used to analyze the data. Findings revealed that a significant relationship exists between tourism infrastructure and socioeconomic wellbeing. Government, NGOs and private individuals should utilize available resources to improve transport, social and environmental infrastructure for sustainable tourism benefits of socio economic wellbeing.