A Study on Women Empowerment Members with Special Reference to Cuddalore District in Tamil Nadu


  • K. Punitha, G. Ravi


In recent years, women's empowerment has been a hot topic in establishing their standing. The goal of the study is to duplicate the social impact of women's empowerment programmes, to evaluate changes in the social clause of empowerment plans, and to estimate the impact of empowerment schemes on individual social status. The investigation is distinct, with the ultimate goal of using only critical data. The necessary data has been gathered. via a field summary, the size of the exam is 306, for example, Interviewees. The respondent’s survey and the information were collected from Cuddalore, District, Tamil Nadu. The information gathered was analysed using discriminating analysis in SPSS. The study focused on social advancement techniques and women's empowerment through empowerment initiatives in Tamil Nadu, specifically in the Cuddalore District.