Tutor Finder System Using Web Technology


  • Syarilla Iryani A. Saany, Ahmad Nazari Mohd Rose, M. Hafiz Yusoff, Julaily Aida Jusoh, Yousef A.Baker El-Ebiary, Nor Atiqah Binti Hamzah


Tutor Finder System, Quran, Web-Based System, Collaborative Filtering


Technologies are keep evolving and growing where almost all activities and services such as in the area of trading, commerce and education can be completed via online. However, searching tutors for teaching Quran has not yet widely online. Normally, when an individual want to search Quran tutor, they have to search through media advertisement who can recommend a highly qualified and expert tutor with affordable fees. This will take time for an individual to find qualified tutor. In order to make this process easier, this research propose a system for finding a Quran expert tutor through Quran Tutor Finder System. Anyone can search availability of the tutors based on rating and review that has been given by the other users. This system will provide user a platform for finding Quran tutor according to the qualification and needs specified by the users of the system. This system will be helpful for those who need immediate assistance on Quran expert tutor