Food Ordering Web-based System Applying QR-Code Technology in Covid-19 Time


  • Julaily Aida Jusoh, Ahmad Nazari Mohd Rose, M. Hafiz Yusoff, Syarilla Iryani A. Saany, Yousef A.Baker El-Ebiary, Nurhamizah Binti Marzukhi


Food Order System, QR-Code, UniSZA, Malaysia, Web-based System, Covid-19 Pandemic.


Me2Odr is Food Ordering System, is a web-based system that using QR-Code for customer and admin to perform transaction and purchase more smoothly through the online to the internet. The aim of the system is to ease the customers to place the order as per they like without go to the café specially during Covid-19 pandemic. Then the admin will check the order and prepare the food then delivery food. Users of this system consist of user and admin. The aims or objectives of this research are to create a convenient to use this system for user to make an order or buy food using online by reducing time and cost for a student. It also, to develop a system that can facilitate UniSZA’s Cafe and student to buy food without scrambling and long queue and test the system function with user. In addition, the main function of the cafe in this system is to provide food orders that have made by customers using the Priority Scheduling technique. By using this technique, it will update their status up to date by admin. It is significant to use the Priority Scheduling in café UniSZA because it helps to serve the order menu in bulk rather than serve it one by one and it can save many times. The expected outcome for this research is able to manage order by using the services from the website efficiently, display daily menus and prices for customers and allows customers to place an order directly. In conclusion, with the new technology implement in this system can help order food with systematic and properly for the future.