Malaysian Confinement Lady Finder System Using Web Technology


  • Yousef A.Baker El-Ebiary, Ahmad Nazari Mohd Rose, M. Hafiz Yusoff, Syarilla Iryani A. Saany, Julaily Aida Jusoh, Siti Nadia Binti Ahmad Nazari


Confinement Lady System, Web-Based System, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), Malaysia.


A confinement lady is someone who is experienced in taking care of the special needs of a mother and her new-born baby. A confinement lady will provide the opportunity to mother to have comfortable rest and peace of mind. A professional confinement lady is well versed in child care knowledge and equipped with skills required in taking care of a new-born baby. This proposed Malaysian Confinement Lady Finder System aims to create a platform for mothers to find the best confinement lady according to their preferred criteria. The criteria will include confinement skills, general knowledge, reliability, etc. Living in the urban areas has made it hard for mothers to find the best confinement lady that meets all the criteria that mothers preferred. Even if there are volunteers, issues such as experiences, information, and profiles are not easily accessible, for the mothers to do some considerations. The process of finding and hiring will be done through advertising on social media, which is not that very informative. In solving this problem, the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method will be used to advise users based on the criteria defined by the user when selecting the appropriate confinement lady. The users will be able to give ratings to the confinement lady based on some of the criteria. So that when the next customers want to choose the confinement lady, the system will display the list of confinement lady according to their needs and rating. The expected result of this research to manage information effectively, provide profiling of services, and process the information stored based on user request. Next, this system also expects the users can get a good confinement lady that serves great services during their post-natal period and also give the best care for their new-born baby.