Analysis of Drawings and Mustafa’s Illustration Style in the Lithographic Book of Habib Al-Awsaf


  • Fatemeh Asgari, Mahnaz Shayestehfar, Aboutorab Ahmadpanah


Lithography, Iran, The Qajar illustration, Habib Al-Awsaf, Mustafa


The book of Habib Al-Awsaf dates back to the Qajar era, and contains masterly images with a unique style. To date, insufficient attention has been paid to its images, and the artist. The study sought to identify 15 images of this book belonging to the National Library of Tehran by the descriptive-analytical method. The research questions are: How does visual images [1]feature in this book, and how has Mustafa illustrated this book? The results indicated that this book provides highly detailed images, in an eclectic style. Also, there are two other anonymous versions of this book available in Iranian libraries