Role of Assamese Woman in the Quit India Movement: A Study with Special References to Birendra Kumar Bhattacharyya’s Mrityunjay


  • Aoyana Buragohain, Golap Borah, Pallav Protim Mahanta, Anjan Jyoti Sharma


Mrityunjay, Assamese Women, Quit India Movement, Freedom Struggle


The history of Indian freedom struggle would not be complete without mentioning the contribution of women. The sacrifice made by the Indian women occupy foremost place. They showed their courage and fought against the British with true spirit. ‘Quit India movement’ which was took place in 1942, was a remarkable movement of Indian freedom struggle; women’s participation in this movement became more visible. During the Quit India movement, women’s participation was not confined only Gandhian non-violent activities but some of them also took part in various revolutionary activities. Like the other part of the India in Assam, women’s role in this movement is notable; women like Kanaklata Barua, Nalini Bala Devi, Girija Devi, Hemanta Kumari Devi etc. took part in this movement. Jnanpith award winning novel of Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya’s ‘Mrityunjay’ reflect a very clear picture of the Assamese women’s participation in Quit India Movement. In this paper an attempt has made to discuss the role of women in Quit India movement with special reference to Assam and the scenario as reflected in the great work of Bhattacharya’s  ‘Mrityunjay’.