The Effect Of Advanced Plus Platelet Rich Fibrin On The Stability And Marginal Bone Level Of Immediate Implant Placement: A Clinical Comparative Study


  • Maytham Adil, Thair A Hassan


Immediate implant placement, Implant stability and Advanced platelet-rich fibrin plus (A-PRF )


Aim: The aim of this study was to objectively measure the effect of A-PRF+ on dental implant stability placed in a fresh extraction socket. Materials and Methods: This prospective observational clinical study included sixteen patients (13 females and 3 males) received 50 DI inserted into fresh post-extraction sockets. The patients were randomly assigned into two groups, the study group consisted of patients who received 26 fixtures with the utilization of A-PRF+ as the sole graft material to augment the defect. The control group included 24 fixtures installed without using any augmenting material. The implant stability was measured by Osstell Mentor device immediately after implant placement as baseline and 24 weeks after surgery. Results: The mean of ISQ value at baseline was 58.50 and 62.02 for study and control groups respectively. While after 24 weeks the ISQ for study group was 67.0 which was higher than control group (62.11). Two implants were failed after 4 weeks (failure rate 4%), the survival rate for immediate implant placement was (96%). Conclusion: With the utilization of A-PRF+, adequate secondary stability may be achieved after 24 weeks of placement even with low primary implant stability scores as they are difficult to be attained in fresh extraction sockets.