GC-MASS Analysis of The Essential Oil of Vitex Agnus Leaves Cultivated in Baghdad.


  • Nawras Khairi, Huda Jaber Waheed, Widad Mustafa Kamel


GC-MASS, Essential Oil, Vitex Agnus Leaves


Objective: the study was conducted to evaluate the qualitative and quantitative properties of Vitex agnus leaves cultivated in Baghdad-Iraq. Methods: leaves of the plant were collected from two famous spots at different sporadic regions in Baghdad where the plant famously grows. The essential oil obtained by hydrodistillation. Constituents of the volatile oil were determined by Gas Chromatography. Results: the chromatogram of essential oil from Baghdad specimen shows 16 peaks representing the molecular masses of volatile components. The main compounds of essential oil were (13.29) Eucalyptol, (13.17) beta-Pinene, (11.54) cis-.beta.-Farnesene, (10.87) Caryophyllene and (8.64) alpha-Pinene. Conclusion: The percentage of essential oil of vitex agnus leaves grown in Baghdad soil was found to be low which proves that the plant flourishes best in humid regions as opposed to semi-arid regions like Baghdad.