Developing Professional Competence among University Teachers in Balochistan


  • Shahzad Haider, Tehseen Anjum, Dr. Safia Niazi, Mahnaz Aslam, Dr. Fareena Nazim, Nadia Mehrukh


Profession, Competence, Teacher Development, University Teachers, Balochistan


Building professional competence of teachers is fundamental to achieve goal of quality education. In this connection, a widespread research has been carried out to formulate methods and parameters to increase the competence of a teacher to deliver to his students. Current study is an attempt to find out various factors which influence professional competence of the university teachers. The study has been carried out using quantitative techniques of research and through survey, the study finds out that apart from knowledge enhancement of the university professors, their communication skills and attitude towards knowledge delivery requires to be improved in order to achieve required competence of the university professors.