Buddhist Methods of Learning Management with an Experience-based Approach


  • Phrapalad Aphisit Dhammavuddho, Phramaha Mit Thitapanyo, Phra Panuwat juntawattano, Pramaha Kritsana Kittibhaddo, Amonrat Techanok, Jesada Munyapho


Buddhist method of learning management, experience-oriented model


This scholarly article the objective of this study was to demonstrate a Buddhist method of learning through experience-based learning. It was found that Buddhist teaching methods consisted of three characteristics: 1) Sutamaya panna, the wisdom gained through listening; 2) Cintamaya panna, the mentality gained through thinking.3) Bhavanamaya panna, the wisdom gained through practice leading to self-realizationAll three of these are experiential learning. Which is the knowledge that comes from touch, is a practice of mindfulness. Developing a sense of things environments around bodyIn Buddhism, the wisdom gained from this experience leads to enlightenment. Which is the knowledge gained from actual experience