The development of a model for building a network of community morality model based on Buddhism in ban fang district khon kaen Province


  • Phra Krubaidhika Sakda Kittisampanno Lhoalapa, Phramaha Mit Thitapanyo, Phrakhru Sudhikhambhirayana


Causal Relationship Model, Integrated Buddhist Effectiveness of Management, Sub-District Administration Organization


The objectives of this dissertation were: 1) to study the community condition in Ban Fang District, Khon Kaen Province; 2) to study the model of building a moral community network in Ban Fang District; 3) to study the development of a model for building a network of community morality model based on Buddhism in Ban Fang District. This study was carried out by means of the qualitative research model. The researcher conducts a study to collect data from related documents and fieldwork of in-depth interviews of 4 groups of 40 informants. The data were presented by the descriptive writing. The research results were as follows: Community conditions in Ban Fang District from data analysis, it was found that (1) community occupations include agriculture, rice farming, gardening, plantation, and animal husbandry; (2) Traditions is to keep Heet-Sip-Song-Khlong-Sib-Si; (3) In terms of culture, people in the community dress in local Thai silk at various traditional merit-making events; (4). in terms of the economy, they use the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy as a model of living. A model of building a moral community network was created as follows: 1) the activity model by using the power of Bo-Wonfocuses on the three-dimensional principles: Buddhist Dhamma, Sufficiency Economy Philosophy and Culture Preservation; 2) building a community network of moral development in helping each other; 3) creating network activities by having trees planted together on important days; 4) having shared goals and visions in building a network through a morality model project to build a network of moral communities. The development of a model for building a network of community morality model based on Buddhism: the results of the research were as follows: 1) principles of development; 2) methods of action- to alleviate suffering, make friendships, and conquer conflicts by creating networking activities and selling online during COVID-19, to practice Ānāpānasati mediation to be more mindful and to strengthen lung health, reduce stress, control emotions and manage problems well. There was the use of the principles of Four Saṅgahavatthu including sharing, kindly speech, helping one another and be consistent and the Pañca-Sīla-Pañca-Dhamma principle, which is having compassion, good career, restraining in eroticism, being sincere to each other, and refraining from intoxication in a moral project