Influence of Agile Model on Software Development


  • Mr. Goutham.E, Arman Raj, Rahul Dev Singh


To reduce the negative effects of having several smaller groups inside a team, agile practises such as daily stand-ups and retrospectives have been shown to be beneficial. Based on existing literature in A survey of Agile teams is used to design and test a model of ASD practises and the notions elaboration (direct exchange of knowledge) and team reflexivity, i.e. how often teams reflect on processes and results. A new paradigm for agile development backs up previous research showing that subgroups have a detrimental impact on conflict and contentment. To assist teams better comprehend the problem, retrospectives are useful. As expected, information elaboration has a significant influence on conflict. Subgroup perceptions seem to have a detrimental influence on conflict and satisfaction when seen through a reflective lens.