Women Employee Work Sustainability Issues -Night Shift Safety Measures in Indian BPO Sectors


  • Dr. E. Sunitha, Dr. P. Nagaraju, Dr. P. Sujendra Swami


The world wide globalization made a progressive impact on IT/ITES sector and a lot of changes occur in corporate work culture like off shore working and shift mechanism of jobs. Employees especially women employees who are working in night shifts of Hyderabad BPO centres facing a lot of problems. The safety and security is the at most challenge to the companies and also provoke them to learn self defence to Women employees who are travelling longer distances to work centres from all over Hyderabad. In this scenario the women employees are facing a lot of security and harassment issues in and out of work place.  Governments are come up with a lot of safety measures and precautions for women safety, but unfortunately those measures are not assuring Women safety in BPO centres. A sample of 100 executives working in BPO companies in hitech city IT hub were selected and collected their opinions on problems they are facing being working in night shifts and  safety measures taken by Company and government.. A well structured questionnaire was distributed and collected opinions. Null hypothesis test was used to analyze the data collected. The companies and government need to take much more precautions to assure safety of their employees, hence they can work free and fair work environment. This study discuss on how far the Hyderabad BPO centres focusing on safety concerns towards their women employees , hence they can perform well and contribute free and fair efforts for company growth.