Does Principals’ Instructional Leadership Influences the Job Satisfaction of their College Faculty


  • Dr. Ghazal Khalid Siddique, Dr. Saira Taj, Dr. Joseph Faheem, Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah, Shaista Ejaz


College Principals, instructional leadership, job satisfaction


This Quantitative study has been conducted to find out the effect of college principals’ instructional leadership on the teachers’ job satisfaction. The data was collected with the survey method. The population for this research included the college teachers serving in private group of colleges based in Lahore. There were 250 (50%) college teachers who got selected randomly out of 500 teachers. The data was collected regarding the principals’ instructional leadership with a 5 point Likert’s rating scale comprising 40 items adapted from (Hallinger & Murphy, 1985). Its reliability was 0.69 Cronbach’s Alpha which is highly reliable. Whereas the data regarding teachers’ job satisfaction was collected with the help of a self-developed questionnaire. It was also a 5 point Likert’s rating scale. Its reliability was 0.65 which is acceptable. The data have been analyzed with the help of Mean, Standard Deviation, Skewness and Kurtosis followed by the Pearson’s’ r and Linear regression. Based on the results, it has been revealed and concluded that the college principals’ instructional leadership has a positive strong effect on the teachers’ job satisfaction. Therefore, it is recommended that the college principals should practice the instructional leadership so that the college teachers may be satisfied related to their job